Terms of Service

Terms Of Service

You must be at least 13 to join and participate here.
You agree not to harass, annoy, troll, or in any way harm any other players on this site. You further agree to obey all instructions from Mods, and to treat those around you with courtesy and respect. NO tolerance will be given to intolerance, be it race, religion, gender, life choices, or anything else. There will be no bigotry or bashing allowed here, no exceptions.
You agree to post nothing harmful as far as graphic sexual content or words, or spam the site. We do allow words like 'damn' and 'hell'. Sh*t and F*ck etc are TOO FAR.
Aren't sure? Ask a Mod.
All Art and Content here is the property of Pet-Sim.com, with the exception of art submitted by members, as well as written material. NO copying of the art used for the Pets or any items may be used for anything without permission, with the exception of avatars or banners for the forum or here, or for artwork done for other members of their pets. It is OK to create artwork for other members of pets, and charge site currency for that.
 **By joining here you agree to ALL the above terms and signify you do understand them all.